You may have heard of it: the Coffin dance. It all started with four black boys dancing with a chest. This meme became wildly popular during the lockdown this year. Want to know the story behind the Coffin dance? Then read on quickly!

Where is it from?
The video was uploaded to YouTube in 2015 and has subsequently gone viral. By now, the video already has more than 171 million views. Also the video became very popular on TikTok. The images were taken at a funeral and the dance was done by professional dancers with impressive movements. Death is considered a homecoming in Ghana, which is why it is celebrated.

Who were these dancers?
The dancers belong to a group called “The Pallbearers”. They came into the spotlight when BBC News Africa showed a documentary about the wearer and their coffin dance in 2017. Ghanaian families have used the services of the porters to send their beloved member to their final destination with pomp and circumstance. In general, the carriers are a team of four to six people.

Which made it a meme
It all started with a video of a TikTok user posting a video showing the skier failing in his stunt attempt, followed by a clip of the porters with the chest. It became a real trend and more and more different memes followed.

Watch the video about the Coffin Challenge!


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